Publisher Feature

Legend Bookshop Launch

Today Legend Press has launched a new online boookshop and I’m delighted to partner with them to talk about their exciting new venture.

On the store you can purchase books from across the Legend Press catalogue, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s, business and academic titles. If you subscribe you can get a 15% discount on your purchases and a new book each month chosen by yourself on the Legend Press team. This is a great way to support the publisher directly during this difficult time.

There are lots of great titles available, some of which I’ve got my eye on myself. A recent Legend Press title I loved was Where the Edge Is and I am particularly excited to read The Strange Adventures of H from my own collection. Click here to check out the amazing titles they have available*

*The team have kindly invited me to work with as an affiliate, so I will receive a small payment for every book you buy using the link on this or my other social media. I don’t make any other money through blogging so this will go straight back into the running cost of this website.

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