Spell Your Name In Books Instagram Post.

IMG_20190225_135449_016The lovely @remembery_tree_reads tagged me in the #spellyournameinbooks challenge.

E–Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

M–My Sister’s Keeper

M–(the) Miniaturist

A–All Is Not Forgotten


Is your name out there in the bookstagram community? Yes, I have my first name on my account and in my username.

What does your name near mean, and does it reflect your personality? It means “whole”, “complete” or “universal”. I’ve always thought it was a dull meaning but I then I saw it also means “healer of the universe” and I like that 🤗 Apparently I look for way to show I care, stand firm in defence of friends and see the best in others, all of which I agree with. I don’t think I’m admired for self restraint though: I’m definitely a fiery redhead in that regard 🙊

Are you lucky enough to have a name that can be abbreviated? Not amongst a sea of Emma’s, no. My embarrassing maiden name was used and nicknamed instead.

Do you know what you were nearly called as a baby?  I was almost Emmeline but my parents figured I’d get nicknamed Emma anyway. If I was a boy I’d have been Ashley.


Tagging those I think might want to take part but feel free to join in if you want 💗

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