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Tales of Mystery Unexplained by Steph Young ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tales of Unexplained Mystery Front Cover

Published: December 2nd, 2019
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: True Crime

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Tales of Mystery Unexplained….What happened to Elisa Lam, found dead in a water tower atop a hotel roof? Who were the two men who came to see her & what was in the mystery box they gave her? Why did the location of her gravestone match the zip code of a Bookstore, miles away?

Why was a man found in the same spot he disappeared, but 4 years later, with a hole in his head that no surgeons could explain? And what did this have to do with a séance, doppelgangers & the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? Why did a man write the Fibonacci sequence as a clue & tell a stranger he was “Looking for the Beast,” before he disappeared in the barren plains of a desert? Plus many more Tales of Mystery Unexplained.

Steph Young has appeared on national radio shows & podcasts including the UK’s The Unexplained, and Coast to Coast Am, talking about many of these mysteries.

You can also hear some of these Unexplained Mysteries on her podcast on iTunes ‘Tales of Mystery Unexplained.’


“Who doesn’t love an unexplained, cryptic and beguiling mystery?“

Aren’t we all fascinated by the things that can’t be explained? Think of some of the most infamous and intriguing murder cases and they’ll probably never have been solved – Jon Benet Ramsey, the Zodiac killings, the Black Dahlia.

In this compelling read author Steph Young has compiled twelve mysterious and strange true stories that all have one thing in common – they’ve never been solved. Each chapter follows a different case, some are well known while others are more obscure.

The stories range from curious to terrifying, and involve things such as rumours of the supernatural, aliens and secret government experiments. The ones that stood out to me were the stories of Elisa Lam, Netta Fornario and the Swedish twin sisters. Though I’d not heard of most of the cases, the author leaves you wanting more and I’ll definitely be listening to her podcast and delving deeper into the cases in this book.

I devoured this quick read in just a few hours but it would also be great to pop in and out of as you wish. If you love true stories and things that are cryptic, eerie and mystifying, then this is the book for you.

Steph Young Author Picture


Steph Young is an author addicted to researching all Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric and Enigmatic mysteries of the unexplained. Each book she writes seems to lead her to further questions & searches for answers, as the mysteries inevitably deepen into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. 

She covers True Stories of the strange, mysterious, and frightening, and the monstrous creatures who feature in them. Our darkest history mythology and Lore. True life stories which expose our darkest, deepest fears… and tragic ends. 

Steph has been a guest on National Radio shows including ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ as well as being a regular guest on podcasts. 





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